The Spiritual Center of Joy is happy to accept your donations.  Money received will be used for our outreach & growth.

Here are our future plans and needs:                                                     We are looking for property to rent or a lease/purchase as our headquarters/healing center that has 4+ bedrooms, 2+ baths, plenty of yard space for our plaques for prayer trees, benches, angels (stone, plaster and marble)plants, trees, & fountains also for our:
Angel Meditation Garden 
Angel Meditation Path
Orishas Garden
Memorial and Ancestral Garden
Love Garden
Prosperity Path
and general expenses.
Please support your Center by giving heartly.     Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted.

Here's our Wish List:

Folding Chairs
Picnic tables
Large Throw Pillows for Meditation
Massage table (portable)
Coffee urn (large)
Bunk Beds
Sheets) Twin size)
Pillows for beds
Books (spiritual, metaphysical, self-help)
paper products:
(cups, plates, napkins, paper towels, toilet paper
bulletin boards
Flip charts
Office Supplies
Copy paper
Can Sodas
File Folders
HP & Brother printer cartridges
Slide Projector

Donations are tax deductible!

(504) 298-3111 or
(641) 715-3800 access code: 90760

or e-mail: